Modular ovens Helios

HELIOS 301 – modular electric oven is controlled with microprocessor, which is programmed in such way that it is possible to use the oven for various bakery product i.e. Bread, buns, cakes, pizza, confectionery and gastronomic products.


  • modular oven construction, which makes easier set increasing
  • low energy consumption thanks to a good insulation, the thyristor system of witching the power and system of heating control sensors
  • possibility of oven size choice to the kind of bakery products and trays dimensions
  • it is possible to move the oven thanks to wheels
  • construction materials and oven shapes choice permit easy cleaning and hygiene keeping
  • stone baking plates
  • it is possible to install steam generator
  • lighting voltage 12V, control voltage 24V
  • modern and unfailing control unit with possibility of programming

Samples of HELIOS 301 oven sets
It is possible to add single oven modules to the oven set, so oven can be adapted for each production possibilities. Oven modules have two heights: 400 mm (M40) and 320 (M32). Clearances are: 240 mm and 140 mm. They are set one on another in maximum of 5 pcs. and put on proving room on base. These oven sets can be equipped with wheels.