Deck ovens take an important place in the range of equipment for the production of bakery and confectionery products. The deck is getting heated and then gives off heat evenly to the working chamber. Due to this principle the products made in the oven evenly warmed and not burnt, bread crumb is richer and stored longer at reducing the baking time.

The oven design allows you to visually monitor the baking process. Each baking chamber has its own remote control that allows you to bake different products at the same time.

Traditionally decks are made of refractory materials: natural stone, ceramics, fireclay clay. Currently, metal pods are used more often.

Before buying a deck oven, it is required to pay attention to the quality of the deck. The better the deck is the longer it will last. However, when buying an oven pay attention to the possibility of acquisition of spare decks to be able to replace defective.