Management of value creation is not only a priority of our company. This is our mission. In the field of operations management there are no insignificant details for us, therefore the list of our expertise covers the widest possible range: from supply and management of suppliers to warehouse logistics processes at regional distribution centers.


Transformation of the business environment:

In the ecosystem of business there is nothing constant. The decisions that ensured the growth and progressive development of the company yesterday require more and more efforts from the management today. What challenges will the company face tomorrow? What challenges need to be answered today? We offer an alternative perspective on the management of value creation by improving the design of the organizational structure and business models, the use of proven operations management tools.


Improvement of the company’s business processes:

Value creation processes are becoming more “digital”. Traditional approaches to mitigation of risks, such as the accumulation of surplus stocks or the increase in the number of personnel, have their negative consequences – a short-term effect, an increase in production costs, an uncontrolled increase in complexity in decision-making. Using the experience of successful projects for leaders of various industries, we will help to optimize the company’s business processes, create prerequisites for further implementation of the “digital transformation” of business.


Monitoring and managing the performance of the value chain:

Are the approaches used in operating activities consistent with the strategic objectives of the company? Do you use monitoring methods adequate to current and prospective challenges? Are the points for optimization optimized? How much money do you lose to compensate for existing inefficiencies in the company? Our experts are ready to assist in the creation of an effective system for monitoring and managing the company’s performance throughout the value chain.

List of Service

  • inventory management
  • supply chain management
  • management of production chains
  • roduction planning and coordination
  • procurement, supply and management of suppliers
  • improving the design of the organizational structure
  • improvement of information and analytical work
  • ata management
  • development of the company’s KPI system