The list of activities of our company includes sale of used technological equipment.

If you are a startup or you urgently need a dough mixer, an oven, a dough sheeter, a deep fryer, and the deadline is “yesterday”, you can always choose a worthy option. Used equipment is an excellent alternative to new machines. The cost of these machines is from 60% to 30% of their original cost.

We offer equipment only from European manufacturers, high level of quality and reliability of work.

In addition, we are always happy to provide you with our internet site for posting your advertising.

To get more detailed information please contact us: Tel. +7 495 773 06 13, email:

As of now we can offer you the following used equipment:

No Equipment Condition Price Photo
1 Fryer Riehle DLA 150-2 SC (Germany) Almost new, 30 hours of work, production year 2016 EUR 10’030.00  
2 Fryer Riehle Mini 20 (Germany) Almost new, production year 2016 RUB 684’000.00  
3 Planetary Mixer Brioche (France) 60 ltr New, production year 2014 RUB 317’000.00  
4 Rotary oven Voskhod Musson 99 (diesel) (Russia) Used, was renewed in 2016 RUB 370’000.00  
5 Proofer Sveba Dahlen HiJ 98/200 (Sweden) New, production year 2015 RUB 837’800.00  
6 Dough sheeter Techno Stamap (Italy) New RUB 320’000.00  
7 Bun Divider Glimek BDM 3/36 (Sweden) Used EUR 3’422.00  
8 Hydraulic divider Glimek HDD 20 (Sweden) Used EUR 4’248.00  
9 Planetary Mixer Bear Varimixer AR 40 (Denmark) Used EUR 3’363.00  
10 Planetary Mixer Bear Varimixer VL3 40 (Denmark) Used EUR 4’012.00  
11 Spiral Mixer Glimek with removable bowl , 80 kg (Sweden) Used RUB 578’200.00  
12 Moulder Glimek (Sweden) Used RUB 436’600.00  
13 Dough Rounder Glimek (Sweden) Used RUB 436’600.00